How we work

By registering at, you will get a free membership. With this free membership you can get check the capabilities of our system. You can send messages, see profiles and photos of other members. You will have a personal homepage where you can find back conversations with the other members. In your profile you can also upload up to 10 photos and cjange other information online.


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If you create an account, you become Free Member. If you are satisfied with you can become a Paid Member for 14 days. As Paid member you can use all functionalities of
What are the costs and payment methods?

In you can safely pay through Paypal or Micropayment. For € 1.30 for 14 days, you can make unlimited use of

Below you see an overview of the possibilities as FREE and PAID member :


Posibilities FREE PAID
See all profiles and 1 photo Yes Yes
Create your own profile with 10 photo’s Yes Yes
Show your interest to 5 members a day Yes Yes
See who viewed your profile No Yes
Send message to a member No Yes
See all photo’s No Yes
1-1 chat No Yes
Showing unlimited interest to members No Yes
Search on keywords No Yes
See who is PAID or FREE member No Yes